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Online Marketing
Online Marketing Manager

Here is a summary of the course and the subjects learned and put into practice:
“Online marketing managers play a crucial role in developing and implementing an organization’s digital marketing strategy. Learn the vital skills and tactical know-how to begin to develop and implement a strategy that can help take your organization to the next level.”

Mobil-first and multi device - Web design, web development, Digital marketing
Your website needs to be working for you, not the other way round

You would never drive your car for years without going to the garage once in a while, at least for a check-up, would you?

You also wouldn’t go to the dentist telling him you know exactly which tooth needs fixed, just because you “learned” it on Google.

Fête du Bois
Make the world a better place to live (and work)…

Many of us spend a huge part of our life at the workplace.

Doing so, we contribute to build the word we are living in. But if this world of life and work doesn’t serve our children (our future), I cannot
agree to participate in it.

About SyllaDesign

We love what we are doing for you

Our approach:

know-how, technical knowledge and versatility for a global management of multimedia communication, from print to web development through digital marketing

Consistent multimedia communication:

The representation that your company provides, must be perfectly identifiable on the different digital or printed supports. Indeed, it ensures its positioning, its credibility and its reputation for your potential customers.

Whatever the nature or the scale of your project, we always ensure, in a dynamic and interactive way, research, reflection, analysis and experimentation, in order to provide to you a consistent, fair and successful multimedia communication and digital presence.

We are positive results oriented.

For all that Branding, Web design & development, digital marketing, and project management, your project is designed and implemented in accordance with your objectives, current technical standards and the market.

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Know-how, technical knowledge and versatility for comprehensive strategy in communication and marketing from digital to print.
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